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Software Solutions

Skopco (GCV) specialises in Web -and Tools development and java based consultancy.

Web Design / Development

If you are in need of a (new) website for your (new) company we can offer short term solutions.
We fully realise that we live in the www and each company needs to have a website in order to attract clients.
If this website needs to be simple or a complete web application is completely up to you. We will of course guide you through all the decision processes if required.

The focus will always be on ease of use, speed of use and fun of use!


With +8 years of experience in several functional domains we have built up a knowledge that we of course like to share with our clients.

If you or your company requires someone with practical knowledge of the following API's please do not hesitate to contact us:

Calypso Consultancy

With +6 years of experience with the financial product Calypso for several clients we assume to posses a technical expertise which can be useful for any client working with or starting with Calypso.


We offer a wide range of Java related trainings.
These trainings can be intended to increase the general knowledge of your developers or entail a more practical approach for immediate needs. In both cases our trainings can be custom tailored.

Some of our training modules:


Company Information:

Engerstraat 78
3071 Erps-Kwerps

BTW: 0883.696.427


Manager: Stijn Geukens
Mobile: 0484/61.10.35